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KIAN RESIN CHEMICAL COMPANY (KRCC) is an Iran-based business house which was established by a group of professionals in 1990. From rather modest beginnings, it has grown and diversified into two independently divisions that operate in various fields of activity in different countries.

Our core business is the import and export of chemicals and industrial raw materials for paints, polymers and chemical industries handled by trading offices in the UAE and Iran. One of our main  interesting field of our activities is to find new material and know-how for Iran market and this part makes us a unique firma in Iran. Our trading partners now include some of the largest business houses in the world and our markets stretch from Europe in the west to China, Japan and Korea in the Far East.

The future, we believe, holds the greater promise. Companies that are flexible and have a professional approach, stand to gain more by being better positioned to capture markets that cater for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition KRCC has been growing as a re-export organization for not just the Middle East but also Central Asia, CIS countries, Gulf countries and Africa Where the emerging markets are.

We aim to consolidate our position in these regions by adding value to products through service. Providing end-users with constructive advice and information apart from selling to them, finding them alternative products, forgoing closer links with suppliers and having our own warehouses and storage facilities so that customers gain a price advantage.

We believe in steady growth achieved through promoting and developing products in a sustained manner and by providing a package of quality services that are efficient, innovative and tailored to suit the needs of individual end-users.